Honda’s New “Paper” Ad Is Mind-Blowingly Creative

via "The Making of Paper" by PES Films
via "The Making of Paper" by PES Films /

Honda unveiled a two-minute commercial using stop motion photography.

Drawing one illustration is hard enough for an artist but how does thousands of hand drawn illustrations sound like? Earlier today (Sept. 20, 2015) Honda went ahead and published another stunningly beautiful commercial that blends together literally thousands of hand drawn images to create a story that follows the legacy of the Honda Motor company from inception to present day as well as highlighting some very important milestones along the way. If you have less than 120 seconds to spare, it’s time well spent. Have a look at the video posted below.

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The video starts with Honda’s first foray into motorbikes and segways into their bikes winning in the Isle of Man TT series seven years in a row from 1961-1967. After showcasing their outboard motors, the illustrations continue into the evolution of the Honda Civic from its three-door hatch through all ten generations. Then after a brief look at the Honda Ridgeline SUV, Honda goes into an evolution of its Formula 1 cars and somewhat humorously fades into a birds eye view of its lawn mower series. Then we get a glimpse of the robot Asimo, their ATVs, motorbikes and penultimately the Honda Jet.  At the end we see Honda’s halo car, the Acura NSX, driving off into the roads horizon.

Honda has made some wonderful advertisements over the years that have caught the eyes and imagination of many of their customers. Back in 2003, Honda published this little doozy of an ad which featured bits and pieces from a Honda Accord that made an entire Rude Goldberg machine.

Then last year Honda put together a brilliant ad that switched back and forth between two video seamlessly that was meant to market their Honda Civic Type R hot hatch in European markets. Have a look at the ad yourself by heading over to , “The Other Side.”

2015.9.20 Honda
2015.9.20 Honda /

And if you want to see a behind-the-scenes look at how  “Paper” was made, check out a feature on that by PESfilm. No computer graphics were used. And if the name “PES films” sounds familiar, they were nominated for an Academy Award back in 2013 for their film entitled “Fresh Guacamole” which happens to be the shortest film nominated in AA history.