Limited Production: 100 Units Of 2017 Ford GT Set Aside For American Market

Photo Credit: Ford Motor Co.
Photo Credit: Ford Motor Co. /

Half of the 200 unit run of this All-American Supercar are destined to stay on our shores.

There’s good news and bad news for the production run of the 2017 Ford GT. According to AutoWeek and their sources earlier today (Sept. 23, 2015) the good news is that half of all new 2017 Ford GT’s will stay on American shores. The bad news is that they’re only making 200 units as far as 2017 is concerned. This should come as no surprise as Ford execs confirmed earlier on that this would be a low production run of about 250 units. At an MSRP of $400,000, the new Ford GT isn’t exactly cheap but even at that price point, they’ll sell out most likely the same day that orders begin to take place. For all we know, there’s a good chance that a short list of potential owners has already been drawn up and queries made to those in the market for one (e.g. Jay Leno.)

2015.9.23 Ford GT 2
2015.9.23 Ford GT 2 /

If you’ve ever applied to university, the selection process to get a new 2017 Ford GT is quite similar. Even though you have all the right qualifications, there’s a good chance you’ll be passed over for someone else. We do feel like if you made a sizeable donation to a charity of Ford’s choosing or updated the fleet of a city’s stable of Ford vehicles, you’d move up the list of potential Ford GT owners.

As for the rest of us ordinary Joe’s out there, we’ll have a chance to see the Ford GT going through the paces during the 24 hours of Daytona this January as Ford will be actively racing this beast in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

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