This Civic Type R And CBR1000RR Fireblade SP Track Battle Will Make You Cheer

Photo Credit: Auto Express via Youtube
Photo Credit: Auto Express via Youtube /

Auto Express pitted the 2016 Honda Civic Type R Versus the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP in a battle of epic proportions.

In all seriousness, a motorbike will beat out a FWD hot hatch any day of the week. But earlier today (Sept. 23, 2015) in the name of pure fun Auto Express pitted the all new 2016 Honda Civic Type R against Honda’s CBR 1000RR Fireblade SP in a track battle that will make you stand up and cheer. If anyone tells you that Honda has lost its sporting ways and has become a dull company, you can kindly tell them to put that opinion where the good Lord split ya’ and refer them to this lovely video. Watch the goodness that is BTCC legend Matt Neal straight whipping the Honda Civic Type R in conjunction with British Superbike racer Dan Linfoot below!

Currently, the Honda Civic Type R is the fastest FWD hot hatch on sale with 306 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque from its tiny 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder. Weighing in at 3046, the Civic Type R has a power to weight ratio of 220 HP per metric ton.

The Fireblade has 178 HP but weighs only 462 pounds giving the Fireblade a power to weight ratio of 847 HP per metric ton.

In the video, bike to car it’s never a fair fight off the line so the Civic Type R was given a generous ten-second head start. But in typical hoon fashion that befits such a race, Matt Neal adds on a couple of seconds to the Civic Type R’s lap time by drifting through some of the corners. Inefficient but well appreciated by those watching online. In the end the Fireblade takes the commanding lead on the home stretch as is expected. If it wasn’t for the drifting, Matt Neal might’ve saved the day.

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