This Small Plane Landing On A Busy California Street Is The Chillest Landing Ever

Photo Credit: Youtube User Calico Strike
Photo Credit: Youtube User Calico Strike /

An emergency landing caught on dashcam is one of the calmest emergency landings you’ll ever witness.

It’s not everyday you see a small Piper aircraft barreling down your intersection as you make your way around town. But according to the Coast Report Online on their report earlier this week (Sept. 22, 2015), that’s exactly what happened in the small Orange County suburb that is Irvine, California. And as we live in the age where dashcams are now part of our everyday lives, one intrepid commuter caught the entire landing on camera! Check out the exclusive footage of the plane passing by his car and him driving past it below!

According to reports the plane took off from Orange Coast College with instructor and student when the small Piper Cherokee plane experienced an engine failure mid-flight. Not being high enough to coast back, the instructor took control of the flight path of the plane and masterfully landed on the nearest open space he could find, a busy street in the middle of the after work traffic commute. What’s makes this once in a lifetime incident even more miraculous was that his lane of traffic was entirely clear and he had a green light to cross. Thankfully no one was injured and as far as anyone’s concerned, the plane as well as both the pilot and instructor escaped the incident unharmed.

The name of the student and instructor have been kept under wraps, but according to the Coast Report, the student isn’t phased at all and is raring to hit the skies once more. That’s the spirit.

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