Two Driver Traffic Standoff For 40 Minutes In UK Goes Viral

Photo Credit: Youtube User Brad Haverly
Photo Credit: Youtube User Brad Haverly /

Two drivers refused to give way to each other in an incident that lasted for the better part of an hour.

One way roads are a common occurrence in towns and streets around the UK and traffic typically resolves itself if right of way issues occur. But according to the Telegraph on their report earlier today (Sept. 24, 2015), a right of way standoff took over forty minutes to resolve with neither driver giving way to the other driver saw dozens of upset commuters walking out of their cars to see what was the matter. Luckily for the rest of the world and greater internet community, the entire debacle was caught on video. You’ll be happy to know that the video is a “highlight reel” of sorts and isn’t the entire 40-minute ordeal. Check out the video posted below.

According to the title of the video as well as reports coming in, the incident took place on Forlease Road, Maidenhead (South East England.) As there is only one lane that goes through the tunnel it can be assumed that traffic stops at either end and lets car goes through either in a long cue of cars or one by one according to how heavy traffic is.

One Mercedes driver was already almost two-thirds through the tunnel before another lady in her Mercedes decided that it was her right of way to go through as well. Seeing as there was no room for either to pass, one driver must back up and allow the other driver by, which never happened. For some reason, the elderly gentleman in the silver Mercedes had the convenient excuse of not being able to reverse while the lady in her Mercedes refused to budge. With the help of some kind yet clearly upset commuters, the elderly man finally backed up albeit at a strange angle and the entire incident was over.

If either driver would’ve let their ego down for a moment, many commuters would’ve been home sooner and no one would’ve been inconvenienced. But that would’ve been too ideal.

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