This Honda CR-X Has Over A Million Original Miles

Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co.
Photo Credit: Honda Motor Co. /

There’s a Honda CR-X in Tampa, Florida which has over a million original miles on the odometer.

If your car lasts more than 200,000 miles, consider yourself part of an elite membership of high-mileage owners. But this particular Honda CR-X, according to Tampa Honda in conjunction with @SuperSecretCar off of twitter has more than one million original miles on the same engine and transmission it came out of the factory from. According to Duy Nguyen who actually saw the CR-X in person, “I took my TSX in for service and they had this CR-X in the service department. Original motor and transmission.” To add to the credence of his statement, Duy queried the service department and according to Tampa Honda, officials from Honda Motor Co. stripped apart the original motor and transmission and confirmed that the serial number from the CR-X matched those for the vehicle. Meaning to say this Honda CR-X was 100 percent legit. Check out the picture of the CR-X provided by @SuperSecretCar below!

Keen eyes will notice that the owner had owner put on exactly 1,002,474 miles before dropping it off at the dealership to display this high mileage feat. You’ll also notice that the sticker reads “Honda Proudly Serviced” which we assume means the owner took his Honda CR-X to the dealership for every factory scheduled piece of maintenance. According to Honda’s official shop manual for the CR-X, this means oil and filter changes every 6,000 miles, spark plugs every 12,000 miles, brake fluid every 24,000 miles including various other essential maintenance items.

More likely than not, whomever owned this car drove a lot for a living on a daily basis or just had a very long commute. Back in late 80’s and early 90’s, a Honda CR-X would’ve set you back about $9,400. We’re pretty sure that the original MSRP has been paid back in full since then. Keep this CR-X in mind the next time you think about buying a new Honda.

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