This VW Jetta Beach Photoshoot Went Horribly Wrong

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What was meant to be a simple photo shoot turned out to be a disastrous mistake.

Photoshoots by the beach can turn out some of the most amazing shots if done right. But according to Reddit user Troy_Davis off of Reddit earlier yesterday (Sept. 27, 2015) a photoshoot with his buddy’s VW Jetta that took place on beach turned into a full on rescue mission with winches and a tow truck to the rescue. Thanks to not taking into account when tides come in, this VW Jetta got stuck in the sandy mud and eventually got fully submerged by water. Check out the gallery of unfortunate photos below!

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The best photos are taken usually just an hour before full sunset, colloquially called the Golden Hour by photographers. That’s when light is usually more kind to the subjects being photographed and hues of red and purple can be captured by the cameras lenses. On a beach, with high tides occurring twice a day (once during the middle of the day and once at night), a beach photoshoot must also factor in the location of where the tides come in and when to avoid any mishaps with your subject, especially when that subject is a one and a half ton car. Unfortunately, the tide came in well before anyone thought it would be any real danger. Mix in tires not meant to be driven on soft sandy surfaces, and you had a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately for the Carl Huebner,the owner of the Jetta, the car community is a tight knit group. One of his knowledgeable pals from Eurokraft Performance lent him a hand in sorting out his Jetta, and after working all through the day and night, got his car to start up. Check out the video of his car miraculously sputtering to life below. That stuff coming out of the tailpipe? That’s water.

So the next time you and your mates plan a beach photo shoot, plan on parking ways away from the water. You’ll be glad to know Carl has a sense of humour about the whole incident. He’s planning to head out to the annual H2Oi Euro car meet and already has his car ready to go. Check out his Jetta scooting along with a very approporiate decoration on his roof (it’s a raft…)

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