This Delta Airlines Ad Will Motivate Your Spirits

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Delta Airlines Youtube
Photo Credit: Screenshot via Delta Airlines Youtube /

Delta Airlines released its latest commercial and it’s 60 seconds of motivational inspiration.

Most of the time airline commercials are touting their latest deals our showcasing their what they have to offer in what they call economy class but rarely do that step into the realm that is abstract both abstract, full of interpretation and strangely motivational. Earlier last week (Sept. 22, 2015) Delta Airlines released their commercial online and it’s strangely motivational. Take a look at the 60-second spot below.

With millions of people traversing across our skies everyday and thousands in the air at any one time, mass air transport is a modern day miracle that requires the cooperation of thousands of employees on the ground and in the sky. This ad gives us pause to think about just how great air travel is and takes a moment out of our complicated lives to ponder just why the heck we board the plane in the first place. Sure, it can be boiled down to business or pleasure but often we fly to reach our goals, wherever that destination may be. And there are 80,000 Delta employees on our side helping us along the way.

Then there’s that voiceover. Donald Sutherland’s voice when heard in hushed low tones speaking to the camera can be likened to an NCAA coach speaking to his basketball team moments before tipoff of a Sweet 16 game, full of purpose and strangely calming. We’re not sure where Delta Airlines is going with this one, but we don’t seem to mind one bit. Hat tip to you Delta for somewhat raising our spirits and pushing us to continue to do what we do, whether we’re on the ground or in the air.

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