This LaFerrari Has 0 Miles And The Owner Intends To Keep It That Way

Photo Credit: Axlon23 via Flickr by way of Creative Commons.
Photo Credit: Axlon23 via Flickr by way of Creative Commons. /

Only 499 LaFerrari’s were ever made and this one was purchased and has gone untouched for over a year.

Limited edition supercars oftentimes lead the strangest lives and this LaFerrari is no exception. According to our intrepid motoring friends over at Auto Evolution on their post earlier yesterday (Oct. 3, 2015) this LaFerrari has been sitting at a UK dealership for over a year without nary a patch of rubber hitting the road. All in all the LaFerrari has driven o miles and the owner doesn’t seem to mind one bit. According to the car dealership that is keeping this LaFerrari free of dust and making sure that battery is charged, the car is under a strict “no touch policy.” That means you can gawk at it all day but can’t drive it.

We have a couple of theories as to why an owner would do such a thing to a high-strung hypercar like the LaFerrari. First, there’s the fact that the owner is just too busy. This owner is probably the type of guy who has someone plan out his entire year to a T including all the times he’s allotted for bathroom breaks. There’s simply not enough time to allocate for a bit of fun.

If he does have enough time, this guy is likely a supercar collector who knows the best way to preserve a supercar is never to drive it. Sad but true. With zero miles on the odometer, the car will technically always be factory fresh and can fetch top dollar when the time comes to sell it. Anyone who’s taken an introductory Economics course knows that the price of something is what someone is willing to pay for it. The used LaFerrari market is somewhat non-exisistent as it’s rare for one to hit the market so soon.  Well, there is one for sale…for the exorbitant price of $5 million. This one has 202 miles on the clock and hasn’t budged an inch when it arrived on the dealership floor. As for this one sitting with zero miles, it’ll certainly be news if and when the owner ever arrives to even touch his LaFerrari.

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