Watch This Scion FR-S Burnout In Front Of A Cop And Get Away With It

Photo Credit: Down Shift Records Youtube Screenshot
Photo Credit: Down Shift Records Youtube Screenshot /

This Scion FR-S took the opportunity to pull off a mean burnout in front of police and totally got away with it. Kindof.

Every year for the past seven years,  thousands upon thousands of VW, Audi, Porsche and BMW enthusiasts as well as all types of car enthusiasts flock to Ocean City, Maryland for the annual H2O International (H2Oi) weekend car meet. Filled with car shenanigans of all types Down Shift Records already caught one of the more memorable burnouts to kick off the weekend, filmed it and uploaded the mayhem on Youtube earlier yesterday (Oct. 1, 2015) for the entire world to see. Check out the video below!

A slammed Scion FR-S takes advantage of the slick streets (thanks to Hurrican Joaquin) and proceeds to pull off a burnout of epic proportions on one of the major streets that weekend on Philadelphia Ave. Unbeknownst to the driver, there’s an Ocean City, Maryland police officer just a few meters up the road who sees the entire debacle go down in his rear view mirror and flashes his blues and reds. A quick look on Google Maps shows that there are multiple entrances and exits on Philidelphia Ave and the Scion FR-S ducks into one of the side streets, evading arrest.

2015.10.3 Scion FRS Burnout 2
2015.10.3 Scion FRS Burnout 2 /

The event officially kicks off later tomorrow but thousands of attendees have already started rolling in. And when you mix a young demographic of mostly males, their cars and a good chunk of them within the legal drinking age, frivolities are bound to happen. Jalopnik has already officially dubbed H2Oi as one of the most ticketed car shows in America, a fact that the local police both don’t mind ($ Cha-Ching $) but also despise. Check out this roll of Instagram photos that already hit the web showing the police doing what they do this weekend in Ocean, City MD.

Ok the last one didn’t involve police, but that’s a car on fire…and there’s an official hashtag to go along with these car fires. #firesofH2oi

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