Yousef Erakat AKA FouseyTube Just Pimped Out His BMW 435i

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Youtube FouseyTUBE
Photo Credit: Screenshot via Youtube FouseyTUBE /

Yousef Erakat finally unveiled his #DOFMobile to his fans and it’s everything we expected and more.

"We can only assume #DOF stands for Dose of Fousey."

American Youtube personality and all around cool guy Yousef Erakat better known by his stage name FouseyTube finally took the wraps (no pun intended) off his #DOFMobile earlier yesterday (Oct. 3, 2015) Doing what the millennial generations A-List celebrities from Hollywood do best with their cars, Fousey enlisted the help of none other than West Coast Customs to … “pimp his ride.” West Coast Customs developed a wrap made to mimic the red, white and grey colorway found on popular Nike sneakers as well as outfitted the beamer with a set of mint looking wheels and few choice upgrades including an underglow treatment worthy of a 1999 Hot Import Nights Meet. What results is a car fit for a Youtube star.  Being the Vlog and video mogul that he is, Fousey hit his fans up with multiple teasers from all the social media platforms as well as a few videos on Youtube. Check them all out below and comment on what you think of this performance coupe turned bruh-bruh coupe. (The first video is the official reveal video while the second video is a video blog of the entire reveal plus some filming.)

You’ve got to hand it to Fousey as he gives one of THEE BEST reactions to a car unveiling we’ve ever seen complete with “Ohhhs and Ahhh’s” worthy of winning an unlimited access pass to the Playboy mansion. Take note people, this is how you show appreciation for a job well done.

Before this BMW, Fousy’s owned a Honda Accord, an Infiniti G37 as well as a host of other Infinitis. This performance coupe isn’t exactly worth chump change with an MSRP of around $48,000. With a turbocharged straight six, this 3-series replacement makes 300 HP and 295 lb-ft all routed through an eight-speed automatic.Capable of a blast to 60 MPH 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 155 MPH (Gov limited) there’s more than enough power to get this Youtube A-lister to Makers Studio and back home all before his next video finishes rendering.

In the video the West Coast Customs crew did say they did a, “full tune on it” and Fousey did mention “it was chipped” so we assume that WCC put in a programmable flashtune good for another 40-60 HP . One thing’s for sure, this DOFmobile is “definitely a neck breaker.” Not my words but Ryan Friedlinghaus’s (CEO of WCC.) And hey Fousey, hope you learn how to drive a lowered car properly because we’d hate to see all those carbon fiber bits ripped to shreds. But the way he’s reacting to his first pothole hits, we’re sure he’ll learn quick.

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