Remote Start Fail- Watch This Corvette Owner’s C6 Drive Off On Its Own

Photo Credit: BigKleib34 Youtube Screenshot
Photo Credit: BigKleib34 Youtube Screenshot /

It’s just a parody video folks, but this Corvette owner shows us the lighter side of what could happen if you start your car in gear with remote start.

Everyone who’s a car guy knows someone who remote started their car in gear with disastrous results.  Earlier today (Oct. 8, 2015) BigKleib34 posted up a video on Youtube showcasing his sweet remote start system on his wicked C6 Corvette. Remember guys, it’s just a parody video and everything is staged, but watch as his Corvette starts up, creeps off the line and shifts through all of its gears as it drives away. Check out the video below!

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If you listen closely, you can almost make out the C6 hit nitrous as it accelerates off the line. We didn’t know a car could do that on its own.

In the early days of remote start systems, there was little in terms of safety parameters that had to be met before a remote start system recognizes that it’s safe to start up the vehicle. That’s where a good majority of the horror stories come from. Nowadays, remote start systems when installed in manual cars, won’t activate until it recognizes that the car is indeed in neutral and that the parking brake isn’t engaged. Even then, there are still cases where shoddy installations bypass these important safety checks and there are plenty of older systems still in use today.

So the next time you use a car with remote start, before exiting the vehicle make sure that your parking brake is on and that you’re really in neutral. And by the way, if the name BigKleib34 sounds familiar, he’s the guy who clued us in on the world’s fastest Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Check that out on the next post below.

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