Rumor: Ford GT Supercar Being Outfitted With Carbon Fiber Wheels

Photo Credit: Ford Motor Co.
Photo Credit: Ford Motor Co. /

According to rumors, the success of carbon fiber wheels on the Ford Mustang GT350R means the Ford GT will get Carbon Fiber wheels as well.

It looks like the Ford GT will improve its performance just a bit more thanks to a lighter set of wheels all around. According to Cars Guide on their report on Carbon Revolution (the manufacturer of these special aftermarket wheels) earlier yesterday (Oct. 7, 2015,) both the Mustang 350R (as previously announced by Ford) as well as the Ford GT will benefit from a set of Carbon Revolution’s best.  The performance numbers from prototypes on Ford’s factory proving grounds speak for themselves and reports of improved suspension response times, better chassis dynamics, sharper steering feel and better ride quality all were measurable benefits thanks to carbon fiber’s damping properties.

2015.9.23 Ford GT 2
2015.9.23 Ford GT 2 /

Global head of Performance, Jamal Hameedi was present at the grand opening of Carbon Revolution’s new $25 million dollar facility and all he had where heaps of praise for their wheels.

"“A lot of people think they’re going to turn to dust when they hit a pot hole, but these wheels are stronger than alloy wheels.This shows Ford is prepared to go to the ends of the earth to get an advantage over our competitors. Make no mistake, this is a step change in the automotive world.”"

Technically, Ford has made no mention of their Ford GT getting a set of carbon fiber wheels but we don’t see why they would limit this performance enhancing product to only one vehicle. After all, adding a set of different wheels is one of the easiest modifications an OEM manufacturer can do.

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