The 2016 WRX S4 SportVita Is A 300 HP Daily Driver With Leather Seats

Photo Credit: Subaru
Photo Credit: Subaru /

Subaru has announced its lineup for the 2015 Tokyo Motorshow including this WRX S4 SportVita

Subaru has conceded that most of the people who own WRX’s aren’t heading out to the nearest forest rally stage anytime soon. According to Subaru earlier this week (Oct. 11, 2015)  they’ve announced their lineup for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and they’ve included this super luxurious WRX S4 SportVita into the lineup. Essentially Subaru has taken their super capable 300 HP four-door sports car and thrown in a full on luxury interior that would put an entry level C-Class Mercedes to shame. SportVita is a portmanteau that combines the words “sports”+”life.” The whole point of SportVita is to “enrich the car life” of the owner.  Subaru published a couple of photos of what this SportVita life looks like. Tell us what you think about this WRX in the comments below.

2015.10.11 SportVita (2)
2015.10.11 SportVita (2) /

"The genuine leather seats unique to the SporVita were designed in collaboration with renowned Italian leather maker Mario Levi, the first such adoption in Japan by a Japanese automaker. Overall style coordination achieved by modifying the trim and instrument panel decorative effects result in a quality interior space having a strong emotional appeal. The sporty performance of the WRX S4 is further enhanced by the 245/40R18 high-performance tires. Moreover, the Advanced Safety Package, providing a higher level of safety in combination with EyeSight, is standard equipment. In these and other ways, the individuality of the WRX S4 has been enhanced, with specifications befitting its status as a sport sedan for adults."

What Subaru doesn’t tell us is how much weight this upgraded interior adds. We’re pretty sure that any weight difference would be negligible. Untouched is Subaru’s turbocharged 2.0-liter flat four good for 300 HP with power going to all four wheels and routed through a CVT. And if you where hoping this car would make the jump across the Pacific, hope no longer as no plans for a North American debut where stated.

2015.10.11 SportVita (3)
2015.10.11 SportVita (3) /
2015.10.11 SportVita (4)
2015.10.11 SportVita (4) /
2015.10.11 SportVita (5)
2015.10.11 SportVita (5) /

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