Watch This Pro Rally Driver Play DiRT Rally And Own It

Photo Credit: Youtube User DVMSteve via Screenshot
Photo Credit: Youtube User DVMSteve via Screenshot /

Will Orders is a professional rally driver who got behind the wheel of a video game and the results will leave you breathless.

We’ve long proved that if you’re good in a video game, those same skills will translate well in real life racing. Nissan has done it before with their Gran Turismo Academy with great success placing top finishers in online gameplay in real life race cars with competitive results.  According to DVMSteve from youtube on a video he uploaded earlier this week (Oct. 13, 2015) he showcases a pro-rally driver (Will Orders) doing the exact opposite, driving a video game. From initial first impressions and comments on the video, Orders has left the entire internet was left with mouths agape. Check out the entire video below and be sure to pick the jaw off your floor after watching.

Will Order’s credentials!

The video game he’s playing is a racing game developed by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows and was released in April earlier this year and so far reviews have been positive. According to Eurogamer, they called DiRT Rally, “the best thing that’s happened to rally games for years.” So for now we can bank on the legitimacy of the game as being as close to the real thing as possible.

In comparison, we’ve posted a player with a similar setup playing the exact same game except we can assume that he’s in no way a professional. Immediately you can see the difference between the two drivers. For one, the quickness in which Will Orders turns the wheel is a lot quicker than the other player. In addition, the speeds in which Will enters corners is a lot higher when compared to the other driver.

If you’re a professional driver, you’ve got to have a level of fearlessness not found in other regular drivers (that’s if you’re any good.) Strap that same driver into a video game, and elements of danger are removed and we’re not at all surprised that Orders drove on a videogame the way he did.

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