Epic Dad Turns Son’s Wheelchair Into Star Wars SnowSpeeder

Photo Credit: Ryan Scott Miller via youtube screenshot.
Photo Credit: Ryan Scott Miller via youtube screenshot. /

This Halloween, Jeremy is joining the Rebel Alliance to collect as much candy in his neighborhood of Hoth.

It looks like the force will be strong with this kid on Halloween as this father of the year went the extra mile to make sure his kid had the dopest costume on the block (…or galaxy?) Earlier yesterday (Oct. 28, 2015) Ryan Scott Miller uploaded a youtube video showcasing his latest masterpiece he’s built around his son Jeremy’s wheelchair. Complete with rebel alliance logos, fully working flaps, laser cannons and helmet to boot, Jeremy just might have the fastest Snowspeeder in all of Hoth this coming Saturday. Check out the awesome walk around and demo video below.

The attention to detail is actually quite spot-on for such a small recreation. Ok, we’re not talking Pebble Beach Concours detail, but compared to actual screenshots of SnowSpeeders from “The Empire Strikes Back,” everything seems somewhat true to scale. And when Ryan says the flaps actually work…the flaps actually do work!

And this isn’t Ryan’s only magnum opus as last year his son was sporting a Captain America costume with a full on motorcycle built around his chair. In addition, there was a working blue headlight up front, side panniers just like a real motorcycle, authentic license plate out back and his shield mounted ready for use.

Parents and handy-kids take notice! The best Halloween costumes are the ones with the right amount of creativity and DIY involved and are seldom store bought. Seeing as you only have a couple of nights before the big day, you still have plenty of time to whip something up like this Dad did.

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