Tesla Quietly Changes Its $100 Flat Service Fee For Its Ranger Service

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Tesla had a bold vision that if a Tesla needed to be delivered to a service center, no matter where it was it would only cost $100. That has since changed.

Tesla has promised a lot to its Tesla Model S owners and for the most part it has delivered on its promises. One of those promises was a $100 flat fee for delivery of a Tesla Model S to a service center on the occasion a roadside repair needed to take place and you’ve purchased a repair plan. According to Auto News on their article they’ve posted earlier today (Nov. 2, 2015) it seems that policy has changed slightly. Although some owners might still find that Tesla honors the $100 service fee for transport, others are having to shell out a bit more cash to have their Teslas repaired.

Earlier this year, the pricing scheme started to change with a slight increase.

"The change to the Ranger program happened quietly earlier this year. One page on Tesla’s service website still touts a $100 flat fee. Another says: “Service begins at $100 per visit and increases based on your distance from the nearest Tesla service center.”"

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Now Tesla’s pick-up for repair service works a lot like a modern towing company. Back when Tesla started this service they only had 15 service centers. Today they have considerably more with 125 service centers worldwide. But the amount of cars on the road has increased exponentially with more than 90,000 Teslas around the world with owners farther than economically possible for a $100 pickup for repairs. It just didn’t make business sense to charge someone who lived considerably farther from a service center than normal the same amount as someone who lived closer.

As the number of service centers increases, this problem of people becoming upset about Tesla not honoring their $100 flat service fee will slowly diminish. The Tesla Model 3 will certainly have more Teslas puttering around and subsequently more repairs. Hopefully, upper management led by Musk, can grow and support their service centers in order to take on the increased demand.

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Believe it or not, Tesla has been a company for only 12 years as they opened in 2003. Their customers certainly expect a lot, and that’s not entirely their fault as they’ve spent the better part of $100,00o for their cars. But you’ve got to hand it to such a young car company. Doing more in their short lifespan then any car company has ever done. Sans gas too.