Watch This Guy’s Drunk Neighbor Experience VTEC For The First Time

Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot via user BornWild1010
Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot via user BornWild1010 /

Noooo. He wasn’t readyyyy. Chinga No Asustes Compaaaa (you can use google translate for that one.)

What do you do if you drive a Honda with that magic unicorn juice called VTEC and your chill a.f. neighbor comes over and asks he can experience that extra cam lobe but he’s drunk as a skunk? According to Brian Chavez on his youtube upload earlier today ( Nov. 3, 2015) you be a good neighbor and let him sit shotgun while you do some pulls on your neighborhood street. Thankfully for the rest of the internet he had his friend sitting in the back recording the whole thing. Check out that video below.

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We’re not entirely sure why this dude’s neighbor is riding shotgun, but from context clues in the video (yup, definitely using my college education here) he wants to see how fast his neighbor’s Honda is but halfway through the all the fun he needs some cigarillos (a.k.a. cigarettes) . Being the class act that this neighbor is, the first thing he does isn’t fasten his seatbelt but instead throws out this classic line, ” …this is worth (the car) $1,100 bucks. Why don’t you sell it and buy yourself a car.” Way to compliment your neighbor, but you’re drunk so we forgive you.

After Brian throws a couple of VTEC pulls his way, this neighbor seems to be having the time of his life when he says “I thought I was on ah…automatic. What do you call it? Fast and the Furious!” Call him Vin Diesel because this driver definitely has to be Brian Spillner.

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So the next time your neighbor asks you for a ride and you have a dope whip, don’t be afraid to let him ride shotgun as you scare the heck out of him. Just make sure someone’s in the back seat recording the whole thing.