SEMA 2015: Bulletproof Automotive’s Z4 GT Is A Coachworks Kit You Can Buy

Photo Credit: Bulletproof Automotive via Instagram Screenshot
Photo Credit: Bulletproof Automotive via Instagram Screenshot /

We imagine this is what Bruce Wayne would drive if he was in Germany and needed something to cruise in on the Autobahn.

Race car for the road, showstopper,r and instant neck breaker are the words and phrases that’ll come to mind once you see this BMW Z4 GT that’s been massaged by the artisan hands at Varis and Bulletproof Automotive. According to Bulletproof Automotive off of both Facebook and Instagram earlier yesterday (Nov 2, 2015) they’ve officially unveiled their Z4 GT build for SEMA 2015 and it’s an instant hit. Go ahead and search for #SEMA2015 or #SEMA on Instagram and you’re bound to see a couple photos of this bespoke BMW sitting pretty at the Toyo Tires booth. Check out some of the social media that’s already rolled out.

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Believe it or not, you can actually buy this kit (or at the very least have one made.) Japan always being one step ahead of the game in all things cool and next level, already showcased this particular kit at their 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon earlier in January. The wide body kit is made by a company called Varis and is made to look and function similarly to the Z4 GT3 race car. Just because it’s a one-off design doesn’t mean quality has been scrimped as they’ve used race quality parts and materials. The kit comes with,

"Front Bumper Wide Fender Under Lip, Front fender Extension Cover, Side Step Panel Set, Big Under Board Set, 5 piece Rear Fenders, Rear Bumper, Side Air Shroud, and Rear Diffuser System."

MSRP for the entire kit comes in at a tick under $18K at $17,995.  Like they say, you gotta pay to play.

As for the interior, it looks entirely all custom and you’ll have to drop your car off at their HQ in Hawthorne, CA if you want to replicate the look.

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But rest assured if you roll up to any meet or Cars and Coffee event sporting this one of a kind wide body kit, you’ll fit right in with the rest of the higher priced exotics and will have a unique look not often replicated. If you have to ask yourself why? Just remember. BecauseRaceCar.