Here’s Why A Bugatti Veyron Oil Change Costs $20,000

Photo Credit: Bugatti
Photo Credit: Bugatti /

You’ve got to pay to play.

Earlier this week an actual Bugatti Veyron owner in conjunction with a YouTuber published a video showcasing a Bugatti Veyron SS’s maintenance costs and everyone was more or less shocked about how much hypercar costs could add up.

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For example if you bought your Bugatti Veyron SS in California, you’re slapped with a $320,000 tax. A set of fresh tires costs $30,000 and on the fourth tire change, the wheels must be changed too at a cost of $120,000 because the rim is glued to the tire. Annual service alone is $30,000 with two-thirds of that money going to an oil change. Yes, you read that correctly, this isn’t a simple drain, refill and filter change, this is a full on surgeon’s procedure that takes a whole lot longer than 30 minutes.

There are a couple of theories as to why it’s $20,000 but the main reason its because the Bugatti Veyron literally has to be split in half in order to get to the oil inspection area in the massive W12 engine. This includes taking off the heads, inspecting inside the engine thoroughly  making sure there are no irregularities, and checking to make sure that oil is being applied in key areas they way it was engineered to do so.

These supercars are built to such high tolerances that the slightest irregularity can mean disaster for the engine and its performance. Preventative maintenance, although seemingly costing an arm and a leg, is actually cheaper than a full teardown and rebuild if bigger problems exsist.

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It is what is is honestly and if you own a Veyron, $20,000 might as well be a drop in the bucket in the large scheme of things. Then again, you can just let it sit. That costs you nothing. Just be sure to top off your batteries every now and then.