This guy just won Ken Block’s Modded Focus RS

Photo Credit: Ken Block via Ford Racing
Photo Credit: Ken Block via Ford Racing /

…and we couldn’t be happier that it’s going to a proper enthusiast.

We’ve all seen the photos were some someone who looks like they haven’t the slightest idea how to turn a wrench suddenly wins a car bristling with power thanks to thousands of dollars of modifications poured into it. We’re happy they won but we wonder what kind of life that sweet [insert enthusiast car brand of your choice] will have lived under their care. Well this isn’t that story. Ford Focus RS Club member EvoJoe posted on the online forum that he was the winner of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Ford Focus RS giveaway and everyone was all pats on the back about it. Read up on his announcement here. 

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"I have been a huge fan of the car since its inception, when I was younger I saw the older RS which was never sold in the USA and that always devastated me so hearing of the new 2016 RS and how it was going to finally be sold in the USA really peaked my interest. Over the years I have had a Lancer Evolution and currently a STI which I purchased not to long ago, unfortunately it was before the announcement of the new RS and shortly after buying the STI I heard the confirmation RS US launch, but at this point there was no way I could purchase one.After hearing of Ken Block working with Ford, andFifteen52 to modify and raffle off a RS for JDRF and knowing I would be attending SEMA this year I knew I had to buy a ticket, while walking around the Ford booth I stopped and ask if they had any tickets left and purchased one on the first day of the convention, the kind lady told me to keep an eye out for a 313 number on Monday because that would be Ford calling to let me know I won, I thought nothing of it since I have never won anything in my life but figured I might as well try, at the least the money went to a good cause if nothing else and that was all that mattered.Being so busy during the week I had nearly forgotten about the raffle, Monday morning rolled around and I remembered the raffle, it was 1 o’clock Florida time and I checked Ken Blocks, Fords and Fifteen52’s Instagram and Facebook to see who had won if anybody and I couldn’t find anything.Moving on with my day I thought nothing of it until shortly before I left my home I got a call from a 313 number and my heart skipped a beat, after talking to the very nice people at ford I was informed I had WON the Ken Block edition modified Ford Focus RS!At this time I do not have much to share but I have never been a member of the Focus community so I figured I would hop on the forum introduce my self and share my news!I will be sure to update this thread as I hear anything new!"

Just less than a week ago, Ford racing announced that they would be giving away a brand new 2015 Ford Focus RS in that lovely nitrous blue that the internet’s fawned over since they released teaser videos. According to Ken Block, ” This happens to be the first modified Ford Focus RS in the world right now, and now you have the chance to own it! Its sits on ST suspensions coilovers, fifteen52 Tarmac wheels, Pirelli tires, and even has custom-embroidered Block Skull stitching on its Recaro seats.” And a $10 raffle ticket was all it took to land you this sweet ride.

2015.11.10 Ken Block Ford Focus RS (3)
2015.11.10 Ken Block Ford Focus RS (3) /
2015.11.10 Ken Block Ford Focus RS (2)
2015.11.10 Ken Block Ford Focus RS (2) /
2015.11.10 Ken Block Ford Focus RS (1)
2015.11.10 Ken Block Ford Focus RS (1) /

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We’re happy that most likely thousands of dollars were raised for Juvenile diabetes research and we’ll try our best not to be so sooo jealous at the same time. Congrats EvoJoe!