Internet wants justice over Rob Dahm’s 4-rotor UPS shipping snafu

Photo Credit: Rob Dahm via Reddit
Photo Credit: Rob Dahm via Reddit /

It’s bad enough when the internet gets mad at a company for poor customer service, but when you upset the greater car community, that’s never a good thing for PR.

UPS is finding out the hard way that you can’t piss off someone on the internet whose not only a car enthusiast but has a loyal fan following. Less than 24-hours ago, Rob Dahm, entrepreneur and minor YouTube celeb, posted up a video chronicling how he lost his 4-rotor Mazda engine, found it online thanks to a fan and recounted his tale of how UPS screwed him over. Since then his video has garnered 861,990 views as of today, hit the front page of reddit with 6580 upvotes and 4166 comments, got Rob Dahm a bunch of press (with Art of Gears being one of the first) and has gotten pretty much the entire car community upset at the billion dollar corporation all thanks to a $6500 engine and a $1000+ shipping cost.  Rob posted up this update shortly after his video went viral.

"Look at what happens when you upset the car community.I have not once asked anyone to do anything. Humbled by your support.My situation will come to pass, I just hope it brings some awareness/change to UPS. Not so much to prevent this from happening, but how they respond to it.Who’s ready to see a turbo 4 rotor be built?!"

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Earlier we reported that Rob Dahm had purchased a special four-rotor engine from New Zealand more than seven months ago and after waiting a considerable amount of time for its arrival, found out that it was lost in the shipping process. According to UPS, they lost it somewhere in Kentucky and couldn’t locate it.

Fortunately, one keen-eyed fan of Rob Dahm’s videos found his 4-rotor engine on eBay being auctioned off. Rob found out that UPS regularly auctions off unclaimed merchandise and had marked Rob Dahm’s engine as such. Rob bought his engine a second time from the auctioneers and UPS paid him back what he had to spend. Unforuntalyey for them, they didn’t give Rob so much as an apology nor did they refund him his shipping fees.

And then internet has responded in mad fury. Check out some of the social media that hit the web in result.

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Since then, his video has gone viral and UPS has yet to respond.