Watch a motorcyclist grab this passenger’s feet on the freeway

Photo Credit: Zim Killgore via Youtube Screenshot on "Grabbing Feet on the Freeway"
Photo Credit: Zim Killgore via Youtube Screenshot on "Grabbing Feet on the Freeway" /

This is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t dangle your feet outside the window when the car is in motion. 

We’ve all done it at one point or another, sticking out our pair of feet on a long road-trip when you’ve become properly bored and start to do all sorts of things to keep you entertained. The legality of the act is debatable but there are reasons why you shouldn’t stick any appendages out the window as this passenger found out.  Thanks to a video upload from a motorcyclist on Youtube earlier today ( Nov. 15, 2015) we got a POV view of one of those reasons. Check out that video below.

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One of the perks of being a motorcyclist is the freedom and mobility that it provides you that you couldn’t normally have in a car, like getting right up to a car and pacing next to it.

Zim Killgore (that’s the name on the Youtube account) was riding along in the fast lane in his motorcycle when he saw a pair of those aforementioned feet dangling in the breeze with brightly colored socks calling his name. In a moment of , “Sure, why the heck not” brilliance, Killgore rides up next to the car and, for the lack of a better word, caresses the toes of the lying passenger in the adjacent car.

If you put yourself in that passengers head, you would’ve been rightly freaked out to suddenly feel some hands touching your feet.

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It’s a moment that she (we’re assuming it’s a girl with the rainbow socks and all) will never forget and she’ll probably think twice before sticking her pair out the window. Better to keep your seat-belt on is the way we see it.

H/T- Reddit