Watch Street Standard’s Hyundai Genesis Catch Fire And Keep Drifting

Photo Credit: Street Standard via Youtube
Photo Credit: Street Standard via Youtube /

Street Standard’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe caught fire mid-drift and powered through the flames anyways.

If there was an ESPN’s top 10 drift moments of the year, Street Standard’s Hyundai Genesis coupe might make that list. Earlier today (Nov. 16, 2015) Street Standard posted up a video of their company drift car hitting his proximity points like a pro when all of a sudden his rear catches fire. The driver doesn’t stop. Nope. He powers through his drift and completes his run like a complete boss! We can’t make this stuff up. Check out the video below and revel in the awesomeness of this Korean drift machine.

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The best part is his friends filming are screaming him the whole time to , “Stop driving sir…you’re done. Holy $hit. Fire department is after him.”

According to the description,

"We accidentally overfilled our fuel cell causing some fuel to splash out once we ran it and when the car backfired it lit up the rear end. Driver and Car were completely OK. Need a new rear bumper and repaint some things but minimal damage was incurred."

Mistakes happen in motorsport and accidents are bound to happen if you’re not keeping a close eye to your checklists, are just in a rush or because stuff is bound to happen that you can never plan for. Street Standard certainly couldn’t have planned for all those G forces sloshing fuel out the fuel cell and onto the sparks of its burning rubber.

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We’re just glad everyone’s ok and it looks like the Genesis has risen from the smoke to drift once again. Rock on guys.

H/T- Wrecked Magazine.