ISIS Performance Officially Changes Name To ISR For Obvious Reasons

Photo Credit: ISR Performance
Photo Credit: ISR Performance /

We like to think Isis Performance bandied around with the idea of a name change, but the Paris attacks was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mention ISIS Performance to any serious California tuner or automotive enthusiast and most likely they’ll first think of those high-quality yet affordable aftermarket parts from that one California shop. But mention ISIS Performance to a regular Joe on the street and they’ll most likely conjure up images of a terrorist cross-fit gym or some elite Jihadist group. Never a good image. ISIS performance announced today (Nov. 17, 2015) that they’ve officially rebranded their company name to ISR Performance. We’ve posted a bit of their announcement below.

"We are appalled by the terrorist acts of the Islamic extremist group that the media has branded with the same word as ISIS Performance (I.S.I.S. the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). We have been discussing a change in our brand name for some time now, however, we felt we needed to remain committed to our name ISIS (The Egyptian goddess, mother of all creation), and not let the terrorists of the world dictate our business and lives. However, it is apparent the time has come to remove ourselves from any negativity this word represents around the world."

Props to ISR for taking such a bold move and recognizing the need to change a potentially misleading name. It takes years of quality products and service to build a name for yourself and your name is just as important to your brand as anything else. But as ISR stated, “a name is just a name.” and nothing else is changing.

They’ve even gone above and beyond and are prepping special decals to place over your former ISIS products to replace the old decals.

"For all of you who have previously purchased an ISIS Performance branded product, you are encouraged to contact us via email ( with your name and address and we will be honored to send you new ISR Performance branded decals to proudly display on your vehicle."

Seriously, you should check out ISR if you need parts for your Nissan and S-Chassis. Their stuff is super high-quality and plenty affordable.

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