Rob Dahm And UPS Come To An Agreement Over Rotorgate

Photo Credit: Rob Dahm via YouTube screenshot
Photo Credit: Rob Dahm via YouTube screenshot /

It looks like Rob Dahm and UPS have come to a mutual agreement over Rotorgate.

It looks like the handful of articles, hundreds of thousands of youtube views, a boatload of comments to UPS from angry fans on social media and an all around PR nightmare has done some good in getting attention Rob Dahm’s way. According to Rob Dahm’s latest video update on Youtube earlier today, it looks like UPS has come up with some sort of mutual agreement with Rob Dahm that resulted. In response, Rob took the higher road and made both videos that blasted UPS private and all but swept that entire fiasco under the rug. Check out that video below.

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We’re not sure exactly what UPS and Rob Dahm agreed upon and there’s a good chance no one may ever know what happened but if we could guess, UPS refunded Rob the entire shipping cost for his 4-rotor engine in questions and quite possibly gave him some credit on future shipping (we doubt that later one though.)

Rob did end the video with his plans for the future of his youtube channel as well as more rotor content.

Earlier this week, Rob published a video explaining how he found his lost UPS package containing his 4-Rotor on eBay being auctioned off. After buying it a second time, he asked UPS to refund his shipping money or at the very least, an apology with a partial refund. Fans of Rob Dahm and the greater car community rallied behind his cause with comments and tweets at UPS on facebook and twitter and it looks like ultimately it got their attention.

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Although we’d love to know what happened with Rob and UPS, we’re glad that everything is resolved.

Also, some random fan decided to start a facebook page entitled “Rotorgate” to memorialize the entire situation. H/T to you sir.