Watch Remi Gaillard Make Fools Out Of These Speed Cameras

Photo Credit: Remi Gaillard via YouTube screenshot
Photo Credit: Remi Gaillard via YouTube screenshot /

Remi Gaillard dropped his latest video and he makes total fools out of these speed cameras.

For the past 15 years, French YouTube comedian Remi Gaillard has blessed us with some of the funniest videos to grace the internet and his latest speed camera prank is no less funny. Earlier Wednesday Remi Gaillard uploaded his latest video and it’s a funny twist on speed cameras turned into impromptu photo booth. Check it out for yourself below, it’s pretty hilarious.

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Despite the prevalence of speed cameras in the United States, you’ll be glad to know that people in Europe have it way worse then we do.  Nowhere is this more obvious than France with new speed cameras popping up on city roads everyday. It’s understandable that many people detest these profit-making devices and although local municipalities tout them as a way to make the nation’s roads and highways safer, they are a source for a steady stream of profit flowing in 24/7.

Being the comedian that he is, Remi Gaillard turned those cameras into impromptu photo booths. First he employs the help of a gorgeous model and coaxes some cars to speed by as the speed cameras flashes away. Next he gets a wedding couple to stand side by side for a quick portrait. And finally, Remi himself jumps in a shot with eight other soccer players including goalie and coach and snaps a photo for himself.

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We’re sure French police will get a shock when they manually sort throughout the daily infractions and come across Remi’s prank photos in the mix. Well done, Remi. Keep the videos coming.

And this isn’t the first time Remi Gaillard has had fun with speed cameras.