Watch This Lamborghini Veneno Drive A Warm Up Lap At Sebring

Photo Credit: Lamborghini
Photo Credit: Lamborghini /

Kris Singh, one of the owners of a Lamborghini Veneno decided to participate in the warmup laps of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Finale. 

If you’ve spent enough time on Instagram like we do then you probably have come across one Kris Singh, or as he’s known on Instagram @lamborghiniks. Do yourself a favor and give him a follow. His hypercar buddy in California, @Bayareandy posted up a video of his pal Kris taking his Lamborghini Veneno on a couple of laps at Sebring International Raceway with a caravan of race ready Lamborghinis trailing behind him in what we assume were the warm up laps of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo finale. Check out all those exclusive videos and photos below.

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The video of the beast of a Lamborghini in motion was actually taken by the “tow-driver” who hauled the Veneno to the racetrack. Although the Veneno is technically road-legal, the risks of driving it on regular paved roads outweigh the costs of trailering it to a racetrack . And we use “tow driver” loosely as any job where you’re hauling exclusive hypercars down the interstate can never be too bad of a gig. Heck, we think some people would pay to have the privelage to haul one around if only for the looks on people’s faces as you drive by.

According to Jalopnik, this particular Lamborghini was the first production Lamborghini Veneno after the prototype showcar to come from Sant’Agata Bolognese. The price Singh paid?  $4,106,000. Mere chump change the way we see it.

As a reminder, the Lamborghini Veneno derives its monocoque from the Aventador LP700-4 and is made entirely out of carbon fiber. Powering this beast is a 740 HP 6.5 liter V12, about 50 more than the Aventador thanks to larger air intakes allowing for higher revs. The exhaust system was also modified as well.

Coincidentally, footage of the first Veneno rolling around Pebble Beach two years ago also hit the web this week. Why the uploader waited this long is beyond us. Check out that video below.

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And although there are just a few videos on the internet of the Veneno, for the lack of a better word, piddling around a racetrack, we’d like to see one in the hands of a true racecar driver straight whipping it on a dry track with no reservations.