Plaque Immortalizing Jeremy Clarkson Fracas Punch Hangs In Hotel

Photo Credit: BBC 2
Photo Credit: BBC 2 /

The Simonstone Hall Hotel, the hotel where Jeremy Clarkson allegedly punched Top Gear producer Oison Tymon, was handed a very special plaque. 

When you’re handed a one of a kind plaque by one of your guests, you do everything in your power to make sure that that plaque is hung in a place of distinction. According to our tabloid friends over at the Mirror.UK it looks like the Simonstone Hall hotel received a very special plaque to mark the exact place and location of where Jeremy Clarkson took a swing at Oison Tymon sparking off an incident that’s forever been called a fracas that ultimately brought the end of Top Gear UK as we know it. We’ve linked a copy of the plaque as it reads below.

"Here lies the BBC career of Jeremey Clarkson who had a fracas on this spot on 4th March 2015."

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At the time, it was reported that Jeremy Clarkson went off on one of his epic fits of rage when a dinner  of soup and cold meats was offered to him that was found to be too cold to his liking. To add insult to injury, a pejorative was thrown Oison’s way when Clarkson called him a “lazy irish —-.”

Since then, Oison has refused to work again for the BBC despite being cleared by Top Gear’s current presenter Chris Evans. In retaliation, Oison has sued Clarkson and the BBC for damages to his career.

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Despite all this hubbub, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are currently filming season one of their Amazon Prime Video show which they’ve been handed a budget of $250 million to work with.