Good Guy Subaru Showed An Incredible Gesture Of Solidarity To Grieving Wife

Photo Credit: Subaru of North America
Photo Credit: Subaru of North America /

When this Subaru enthusiast unfortunately lost his battle with cancer, Subaru of North America made sure that their condolences were sent to his wife in a touching gesture that shows exactly why Subaru is the best car company out there.

The more Subaru pops up in the news and in advertisements, it’s obvious that this transportation conglomerate isn’t just a company that happens to build cars but a company that aims to show that they care about their owners and what matters to them. According to StiFTW off of Reddit earlier Thursday morning, when his dear friend Matt Heeren lost his battle to cancer the last place that you’d think condolences would be sent from was the car company that he was clearly an enthusiast for.

After hearing that one of their staunchest and most enthusiastic supporters was no longer with them, Subaru of North America made sure to let his wife know that he would be dearly missed. We’ve posted an image of the card Subaru sent to his wife as well as what Subaru said.

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"Dear Family and friends of Matthew Heeren,All of us at Subaru are greatly saddened by the recent loss of Matthew Heeren. He was, by all accounts, a wonderfully creative, positive, intelligent, generous man who brought an enthusiast’s passion to everything he did. We are honored and humbled that our company was one of Matthew’s passions. Please accept this small gift as our way of remembering Matthew. We like to think that it would make him smile. He will always be a member of our Subaru family.Sincerely, Subaru of America"

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From all accounts and stories on the Reddit thread, there’s no denying that Matt was definitely a standup guy and true Subaru enthusiast who selflessly devoted his life to his family, friends, and cars in that order.

And it looks like this isn’t the first time Subaru of America has gone above and beyond in making sure that they’re letting their customers and workers know that they’re more than just numbers. This Redditor’s father used to work for Subaru as a parts manager and Subaru upon learning of his father’s untimely passing, donated a sizeable chunk of money to both the Redditor and his brother for their college fund.

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This isn’t just clever marketing to gain a reaction from the media, this is truly some honest-to-God good corporate culture that stems from a deeper understanding of clients as human beings. Major props to Subaru and to the communities that they support.