Haas F1 Completes Its First Practice Pit Stop With Their Show Car

Photo Credit: Haas F1 via Twitter
Photo Credit: Haas F1 via Twitter /

United States’ only entry in a field of competitive factory teams, HAAS F1 has just completed their first pit stop using a show car bought from Marussia. 

If there’s one tier of motorsport where the United States hasn’t taken a firm foothold in, it’s Formula 1. But things are looking just a bit brighter and our hopes that much more lifted upon hearing that HAAS F1 has just completed their first practice pit stop using a show car they purchased from Marussia earlier last year. Check out the picture they tweeted out below.


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In all honesty, Haas F1 team has a long way to go before the first official race kicks off in March at the Australian Grand Prix but seeing as how the leadership from team principle Guenther Stiener has set a competitive tone to finish at the very least mid-pack for the first few races next season, we expect Haas F1 to make some major strides while other teams are just starting their winter preparations.

Earlier in the year not only did Haas F1 sign a tentative agreement to have their power units coming from Ferrari, they also announced that they’ve signed drivers Romain Grosjean and North American hometown hero Esteban Gutierrez as partner driver.

New Formula 1 teams tend to shoot for the stars with their predictions, but Haas F1 has set realistic goals for themselves as to not shoot themselves in the foot come race time. According to Steiner in an interview with USA Today Sports, 

"“We are not here to be last. It sounds almost arrogant,” he said. “I don’t want to be arrogant, but we will not (be) happy being last. Just participating is not what Gene or the team wants to do.”"

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Unlike McLaren-Honda who promised similar results with an untested engine, at least we know Haas has Ferrari power units giving them somewhat reliable power.