This 0-60 MPH Video Of A 2001 Honda Civic Is 13 Seconds OF Non-VTEC Fury

Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot via user Nariek
Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot via user Nariek /

When literally no one asked for a video showcasing a 2001 Honda Civic in its most basic form accelerating to 60 MPH, this Redditor did the right thing and delivered the goods anyways. 

Peruse any good car forum worth its weight and you just might come across 0-60 MPH videos showcasing some of the fastest cars on God’s green earth. For example, this McLaren MP4-12C hit 60 MPH in 2.8 seconds. This SRT Hellcat? In 3.9 seconds. But when literally no one asked for a video of a paltry 2001 Honda Civic accelerating to 60 MPH on the subreddit /r/cars, Redditor Nariek delivered the goods anyways and graced us with a 13 second run to 60 MPH that just might literally knock your socks off. Check out the thread here and the video of this glorious run to 60 MPH below.

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The 7th generation Honda Civic was first introduced in September of 2000 as a 2001 model largely improving where the 6th generation Honda Civic left off. Gone was the double wishbone suspension in the rear now replaced with a Macpherson strut setup.

Under the hood, Honda’s D-Series engine, first introduced in 1984, lived on in updates that saw displacement bumped up to 1.7 liters for the North American market in VTEC and Non-VTEC applications. Compared to its VTEC counterpart, the D16Y8, the D17A2 was a worthy replacement pumping out a generous 127 HP and 114 lb-ft of torque. Bump the compression down a bit and rob the camshaft of that special VTEC lobe and the replacement to the D16Y7, the D17A1, made just 115 HP and 110 lb-ft of torque.

This Non-VTEC engine was the same one in Nariek’s Civic except this particular engine already had more than 247,000 on the clock paired to an automatic transmission to boot. Brand new, Edmunds was able to bring this particular powertrain with a 5-speed up to 60 MPH in 8.4 seconds. This video shows a run in a high-12 second (closer to 13-second run.) Not anything to write home about.

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The reason why this particular thread received so many upvotes (votes given by users to posts they particularly like) and had more than 125 comments (and counting) put onto it was for the sheer fun of it all. You can either take a fun approach to how you interact with your cars or you can see them as the basic A to B pieces of transportation that they are. While all of us can’t own McLaren’s and Ferrari’s, we can all at least try to enjoy what we’ve been given and share that joy with the rest of the world, however slow. Hat tip to you Nariek.