Veyron Owner Who Drove Into Lake Will Serve One Year In Prison

Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot via user Jomgarza
Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot via user Jomgarza /

This Bugatti Veyron owner who infamously drove into a lake and then claimed it was an accident, will serve one -year in federal prison for insurance fraud. 

Insurance fraud is an all to common practice that carries a hefty fine if you’re caught committing such a heinous crime. Earlier Tuesday according to KTRE based out of Texas, the owner of a Bugatti Veyron who was caught on camera driving his $1 Million Bugatti Veyron into a lake and later pleaded guilty will serve one-year in a Federal Prison for insurance fraud. In addition, over a determined period of time, he must pay back the $600,000 in settlement money that his insurance company paid out to him which was revealed during court proceedings. Check out that initial video uploaded back in 2009 that implicated Andy House.

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Shortly after purchasing his Bugatti Veyron, Andy House had the car insured for $2.2 million, a bit more than twice the car actually cost. After initially thinking he had a full-proof plan of insurance fraud, House suspiciously drove his Veyron into Guly Bay in La Marque, Texas. With the engine left running, the mighty W12 engine sucked in copious amounts of salt water rendering the car useless and pretty much destroyed.

What House didn’t count on was for a motorist to be driving along at the exact same time who caught the entire account on camera. That video is posted above. According to the video description.

"On Wednesday the 11th November, myself and a friend were driving down I45 on our way to SAMS and I saw what I thought was a Lamborghini on the frontage. It looked pretty amazing so I pulled out my Iphone and started recording it. We had to decelerate to about 45 to 50 MPH just to not get to far ahead. within the 20 seconds or so into the recoding the vehicle veered off the frontage into a shallow salt water marsh on exit 4 just off Galveston Island. My friend picked up his cell immediately and called 911. We tried to turn around and aid but the underpass prevented us from getting to him. We were making another attempt to go around and try and reach him when we saw police cruisers, fire-trucks, and ambulance on their way to assist him. We hoped the Gent was alright and went on to Sams"

When questioned in court without knowledge of the video what really happened, House claimed he initially got distracted by a “low-flying pelican,” and upon reaching for his cell phone, veered off the road. The video confirmed that there was no such bird and the pattern of his driving showed he purposly drove off the road.

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After his one-year sentence, House will also serve three years of supervised arrest outside of prison.