Caught On Dashcam: Texas Police Pull Over Star Wars Cosplayers

Photo Credit: Fulshear Police via YouTube screenshot
Photo Credit: Fulshear Police via YouTube screenshot /

Dashcam footage shows this Texas police officer coming across Chewbacca and Han Solo during a routine traffic stop.

In honor of Star Wars Episode 7 coming out, Texas Police based out of Fulshear Texas pulled out all the stops in this dashcam video gone viral over social media. Earlier Tuesday, Fulshear police went onto Facebook to announce they’ve lost a police car and the resulting dashcam footage captured showcases an exchange that hints of a galaxy far, far away. Fortunately for us, they also uploaded the entire footage onto YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Check out that video below!

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The traffic stop starts out like any other ordinary traffic stop until we catch a glimpse of one furry arm sticking outside the drivers side door waving around angrily. After questioning what turns out to be Chewbacca for possible DUI, one Han Solo comes out the passenger side to offer his assistance in translating Wookie.

Shortly after, the whole Hummer empties with Darth Vader, Darth Maul and a Tie Fighter pilot in tow. After a brief and awkward conversation about being on “the force,” the police officer asks if he could go along with this motley crew of cosplayers to their Star Wars premiere, which he does after climbing into the back of the SUV.

Unfortunately for the police car still left at the scene, a couple of Jawas decide to highjack the police car and the rest of pretty much history.

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Hat tip to the Fulshear Police department for such an awesome little stunt and for taking the time to brighten Star Wars fans around the world.