Caught On Dash Cam: This Family’s NYC Parking Cheat Exposed

Photo Credit: Video Source caters via The Telegraph by screenshot
Photo Credit: Video Source caters via The Telegraph by screenshot /

This owners dash cam happened to catch a New York city parking cheat that was so brazen it made international headlines. 

Coming by parking in New York City during peak traffic hours is almost next to impossible but if you’re patient enough you’ll be more than likely be rewarded for that coveted space. According to the Telegraph UK on their report earlier Monday, this New York city resident got the shock of his life when he witnessed firsthand a family’s secret technique to secure a parking spot within city limits for family members only. Check out the video of the sneaky technique below and leave a comment of what you think about this nefarious parking strategy.

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In the video 26-year-old Aleksandr Rogozin waited for a good 30 minutes on this particular Mazda MPV that was sure to move given the owner stepping into the drivers door. Suddenly out of nowhere, a Nissan Rouge pulls in front of his car and the driver of the Mazda MPV steps out to inform him that the Nissan will be taking his spot when he pulls out as the Nissan is driven by family.

Initially Aleksandr refuses the Mazda MPV owner’s request whereas the Mazda driver reacts by directing the Nissan Rogue to conveniently block Aleksandr’s car from moving forward. In an orchestrated act that’s probably been thoroughly rehearsed many times before, the Mazda MPV owner backs up in front of Aleksandr while the Nissan Rogue slides right in the vacant spot.

After calling the police and complaining, the police informed Aleksandr that nothing could be done with the dash cam footage but if the occurrence happened again, a call to the police would warrant a valid ticket being issued.

To add insult to injury, the next morning Aleksandr waited by the same Mazda again, but this time the owner dropped off his bag in the van and walked away. Aleksandr later found out that he had bought a bagel nearby and slowly ate it.

"“The guy bought a bagel and ate it as slowly as he possibly could.“Since no one else was leaving, I remained in the same position and waited for him to leave 15 minutes later."

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If there ever was a thing for a hater in the wild, that Mazda MPV owner definitely would be it. It seems some people live lives so miserable that the only way they find enjoyment in life is to bring misery upon others.

And props to Aleksandr for keeping his composure. Like most of these situations, karma seems to play itself out quite nicely, much to the chagrin and surprise of the original haters.