Watch This Tesla Model X Actually Tow A Two Ton Boat


Reddit User TeslaSigX uploaded a couple of videos on YouTube showcasing his Tesla Signature Model X actually towing his family’s full-size boat. 

When the Tesla Model X in its final form was first introduced to the public, it came out on stage towing a full-sized RV with seven people coming out of the Model X. We where all impressed. But now that this all-electric SUV is now on sale, we haven’t actually seen one doing any dirty work in real life, until now. According to Reddit User TeslasigX off of the /r/TeslaMotors sureddit, a series of videos was recently uploaded showcasing his personal Tesla Model X actually towing a fully loaded full-sized boat. Check out those videos below and revel in the silence that is all-electric towing.

While the videos do show the Tesla Model X towing for just a few seconds each time, we finally have real footage of this torque monster doing what it was partially built and engineered for in the first place, a bit of towing.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors via configurator
Photo Credit: Tesla Motors via configurator /

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When equipped with the optional $750 Class 2 Tow Package, the Tesla Model X is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds which should satisfy the needs of most Model X owners.

With a 90 kWh battery, this tow monster is still capable of 257 miles of range and has the ability to blast to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds. With a trailer attached, probably not as fast as that.

As with any vehicle you attach a heavy load to comes the question of how much battery power that two and a half tons will add to the load of the batteries.  The good enws is that TeslaSigX does plan to do some serious towing with the exact boat videoed and, according to his post

"…I plan to do some highway towing this week and will share the energy consumption data once completed. The boat, trailer & gear is about 4,850 lbs."

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Keen eared viewers will notice that the loudest part of the Tesla Model X towing that large boat only seems to be coming from the trailer itself. As admitted by TeslaSigX, this particular Model X resides in Florida. So as for how this Model X will react when hauling a load up a hill, that will still remain a question.