Why This Leaked Faraday Future Concept Is Not A Tesla Killer

Photo Credit: Faraday Future via app
Photo Credit: Faraday Future via app /

Images and specs on Faraday Future’s concept to be unveiled later today have hit the web and it looks far from anything that will compete directly with anything from Tesla. 

For months now, Faraday Future has been talking up a big game one how they’re not only building a new electric car, but will fundimentally change the concept on how to sell cars altogether. It’s been pretty much mum’s the word on what kind of car they were building, but it looks like the cat may have been let out of the bag a bit early. According to our motoring friends over at Tech Crunch, a couple of teaser images as well as specs of a Faraday Electric vehicle have leaked via their own app.

Leaked is a strong word in this case as the app has already been available for a couple of days, and these concept images come directly from said app. Check out some of the leaked images below as well as a full one-minute video highlighting this concept.

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According to the leaked specs that came with these images, this Faraday Future Concept is basically a 1000 HP plus, quad core drive electric vehicle equipped with autonomous driving.  The most notable exterior feature seems to be that tail-fin out back which serves to provide directional stability.

Since word got out that their app had this concept, it’s been pulled from the app store. Thankfully, there’s still a mirror site of that app floating around with an explanation of what exactly this concept is.

"This unique vehicle offers unprecedented performance through conscientiously crafted, state-of-the-art transportation technologies. This vision for this car was realized in record time through the pioneering collaboration of passion-fueled automotive experts and imaginative tech innovators.We at Faraday Future are extremely proud of this vehicle. Though we are not a racecar company, our concept shares its core design DNA with our forthcoming consumer line. The process of building this car inspired us, unlocked our imagination, and allowed us to pursue exciting new engineering objectives without restraint."

So while this concept seems a bit “out in left field,” it won’t actually be the consumer product we’ll put down money for. If their consumer lineup is assumed to be a watered down version of this engineer’s design practice, we hardly can see how that product will compete with Tesla. The only saving grace for Faraday Electric might be their price point, but seeing as how Tesla’s battery factory is already up and running, we’re hard pressed to see how they can deliver both a superior and affordable product.

Photo Credit: Faraday Future via app

Photo Credit: Faraday Future via app

Photo Credit: Faraday Future via app

Photo Credit: Faraday Future via app

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Musk has nothing to worry about from Faraday Future, although it would behoove him to keep an eye out on what they’re doing.