Caught On Dashcam: Subaru Forester Drives Off Cliff And Owner Survives

Photo Credit: YouTube user TurboFoz
Photo Credit: YouTube user TurboFoz /

Exactly one year ago today, this Subaru Forester owner recounts the tale and gave video footage of that horrific moment when his car literally drove off the side of a cliff. 

Not many people are lucky enough to have literally driven off the side of a cliff and lived to tell the tale. According to Jimmy Shaw and his most recent YouTube upload earlier Tuesday, this was the case when, exactly one year ago to this date, he drove his Subaru Forester off a cliff during an enthusiast drive one winter day in L.A. . With his dashcam running, Shaw captured the horrific moment when his he and his vehicle took the plunge. It’s absolutely terrifying to say the least. Check out the actual video below.

To commemorate this unfortunate incident and remind himself just how lucky he was, Shaw posted up everything that went through his mind during and after the crash. You can read what he wrote by clicking here.

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According to Shaw, he was enjoying a cruise on Angeles Crest Highway when he approached a pair of long tunnels. Any gearhead will know that if you have any sort of performance enhancing modification on your car made to make your car not only faster, but louder, giving it the beans through a tunnel is a prerequisite. That’s exactly what Jimmy did.

After traversing the entire length of the second tunnel at high-speed, he noticed a couple of people waving at him. He later found out that they were trying to tell him to slow down. At that point, his Forester was going way to fast and he oversteered off the cliff, rolling multiple times.

In the video, you can audibly hear his gasps and sharp intakes of breath as he realizes that this actually might be the end. Shaw emerged from the entire incident unharmd and only has his wrecked Forester and a well-bruised ego to remind him of that day.

In his recount of that nightmare of that incident Shaw wrote,

"The whole cruise up there was relaxed, leisurely, until that moment. I definitely wasn’t purposely trying to take that corner fast, I was caught up in the moment flying through those long tunnels, got distracted, and didn’t see the road ahead of me. I panicked last minute and that ultimately lead to this entire situation."

Jimmy Shaw seems like a pretty humble guy who definitely owned up to his mistake and, through his example, hopefully many others can learn from his close-to-tragic experience.

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One thing’s for sure. Jimmy Shaw is one lucky dude.

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