Drift Spec M3 Burnout Versus Gas Pump Nozzle

Photo Credit: Zwing Films via You Tube
Photo Credit: Zwing Films via You Tube /

When this BMW M3 owner pulled off a wicked burnout at a Washington gas station, he didn’t think he’d leave with a souvenir. Thankfully no one was hurt…only a gas nozzle. 

When you’ve stripped every conceivable piece of unnecessary weight from your car, beefed up the motor to throw twice the power to the ground and outfitted the rear tires with burners not meant to live a long life on earth, you’re bound to do burnouts everywhere. That’s what Thomas Jones of DuPont Washington did when earlier last week when he took his BMW M3 to a local Chevron for a fillup. After pulling off a wicked burnout does his friend inform him that not only has he left a pair of 11’s on the ground, but managed to rip off the gas nozzle in the process! It doesn’t help that his friend is a cinematographer as he captured the whole incident on camera. Check out this bit of hoonage below.

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Right from the beginning of the video, the camera man admits that he’s, “always peer pressuring Thomas to do burnouts in random places.” When you’ve got a friend who’s always filming at ‘at least’ 60 fps when you’re hanging out with him, you’d probably pull off some shenanigans too if only to capture it in high-definition.

We’re pretty sure Thomas forgot to remove the nozzle from his filler neck as while he’s performing his burnout, we catch the gas nozzle rip from the pump (as it’s designed to do.) Thankfully that’s all that happens and, as far as we know, no gas was flowing at the moment of detachment.

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It’s probably not a good idea to do a burnout at a gas station (with the possibility of flames and presence of large quantities of gas and all) and we’re sure Thomas won’t try this stunt again. As for others, we can thank engineers and the design of breakaway valves for preventing unfortunate gas station related accidents.