Temple Of VTEC Renders Up A 2018 Acura ILX Precision Concept

Photo Credit: Temple of VTEC
Photo Credit: Temple of VTEC /

Acura unveiled its Precision Concept during the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and Temple Of VTEC ran with it rendering their own 2018 Acura ILX taking inspiration from Acura’s designers. 

If there was one concept at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show that drew polarizing opinions and comments, it had to be Acura’s four-door Precision Concept. With it’s low-slung stance, rear wheel drive proportions, and extra-long wheel base, it stood in stark contrast with the rest of the Acura lineup. Painted to be the design inspiration for the rest of Acura’s lineup, Temple Of VTEC went ahead and ran with the concept and unveiled their take on what the next Acura ILX would look like using the Precision Concept as inspiration.

What results is an Acura profile unlike anything we’ve seen before. We’ve posted the rendering below for your consideration. Let us know what you think about this concept in the comments below. Right underneath, we’ve also posted what the current ILX looks like.

2016.1.20 Acura ILX
2016.1.20 Acura ILX /
2016.1.20 Acura ILX 2
2016.1.20 Acura ILX 2 /

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According to Acura,

"With an emphasis on high-contrast details and the intersection of modern, sheer surfaces and muscular, organic sculpting, the Acura Precision Concept communicates Acura’s focus on performance and prestige through its ultra-low and wide stance, long dash-to-axle ratio, deeply sculpted surfaces and the debut of a new Diamond Pentagon grille."

Comparing the two photos, it’s easy to point out where exactly TOV took some liberties to really explore what exactly Precision Concept can mean. On an emotional level, the rendering definitely has a lot more character than the current ILX.  Besides the lowered ride height and obviously larger wheels, the lines on the rendering are much sharper and precise. It’s as if TOV took the original ILX, and like a diamond jeweler, crafted in all sorts of detailed creases and folds into the design language that is Precision Concept.

The front obviously sports the new Pentagon Grill while the rear tapers off into a shooting brake of sorts.  The wheelbase appears to be lengthened with an emphasis on the rear wheels.

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It’s a handsome rendering and definitely points to what possibly the next ILX could look like. We’re curious to see how much Acura Precision Concept actually trickles down when the time comes to put pencil to proverbial paper.