Watch An Audi Outpull A BMW In A Snowy Tug Of War

Photo Credit: Josh Chavez via YouTube
Photo Credit: Josh Chavez via YouTube /

This BMW and Audi decided to have at it in the middle of a snowy parking lot to settle once and for all who would win in a tug-of-war. 

Usually, pull-offs involve two trucks as the rivalry amongst Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge is still alive and well. With thick ladder frames and robust transmissions, trucks are ideal towing machines meant to do work. According to YouTube user Josh Chavez earlier last week, it looks like the egos of these two car owners got the best of them as tow straps were unwound and hitched onto the two hooks of these two unlikely pull-off candidates. Check out the video of these tow gearheads going at it below. And if you put your money on the BMW, avert your eyes.

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Right from the get-go it was pretty much one-sided battle with the Audi’s all-wheel-drive Quattro system and what we suspect were better tires trumping the BMW’s xDrive AWD setup. During the actual tug of war, we can clearly see the Audi dominating the BMW with the BMW wagging from side to side in an effort to find any sort of traction from his rear wheels.

xDrive in its normal state operates by splitting power 90 percent to the rear and 10 percent to the front to offer that characteristic RWD handling characteristic owners have come to know and love. When slippage is detected, 100 percent power can be sent to front, rear or to just one wheel.

Quattro typically splits power 50 percent front and rear with some higher performance Audi models like the R8 sitting at a 15:85 split (F:R.) Audi’s newest Quattro system can divert 70 percent of torque to the front wheels or 85 percent to the rear wheels.

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Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, neither system being exploited to the fullest by a simple tig of war.