Watch Matt Powers Make A Burrito Drifting At 100 MPH

Photo Credit: Donut Media via YouTube
Photo Credit: Donut Media via YouTube /

What happens when you combine your love for Mexican Burritos and drift cars initiating drifts at insane angles? Donut Media provides the answer. 

It’s a little-known fact but former professional Formula D driver Matt Powers sure loves eating burritos. Donut Media recently uploaded a video earlier Thursday showcasing Matt in his Nissan S14 Drift missile making a burrito at 100MPH using nothing but his drift car. Check out this insane piece of culinary drift carnage below. You finish the video hankering for a “tiny donkey ear” (that’s what Burrito means!)

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According to Donut Media in the video description,

"Matt Powers loves burritos! He also loves drifting at over 100 miles per hour, put those together and that’s one delicious ride. Don’t forget the extra guac!"

When we say “making”, we’re using that word in the loosest sense of the term. What Matt Powers did was literally drift into balloons full of actual burrito ingredients, using those balloons as clipping points. You’ve got your guacamole (extra guac,) salsa, cheese, on one turn and lettuce, beans, tortillas and more beans on the other turn. The whole shebang ends with Matt drifting into a pinata that explodes in one fiery burst of color all while he enjoys a burrito in one hand and feathers the hydraulic brake in the other.

Matt’s drifting skill can’t be denied and we’re pretty sure he initiated at 100 MPH at least on the first turn. And we think that tuxedo fire suit by Alpine Star is extra classy as well.

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Props to Donut Media for an awesome video filled with clean slo-mo shots, great transitions (both from the editor and Matt,) and burritos.