Watch These Australian Blokes Disable A Getaway Car And Foil A Robbery

Photo Credit: Kane Wiblern via Facebook
Photo Credit: Kane Wiblern via Facebook /

These two Australian blokes witnessed a robbery at an Oporto fast food joint happen right in front of them and instead of running away, they disabled the getaway car and chased the robber. 

Does your typical Friday night involve running after rubbish robbers who try to rip off your local Oporto fast food restaurant? According to Kane Wiblen of Darwin, Australia earlier today, that’s exactly how his Friday night turned out as he and his good friend James Ross-Munro jumped into action to save the day. The best part was that Kane was filming the whole time. We’ve shared his video below.

Just like Jay and Silent Bob both fancied a hang-out by the local convenience store it looks like the typical Friday night for Kane Wiblen and Kames Ross-Munro involved a saunter down to the nearby service station. In the middle of filming one of their thong slippers broken, James notices what looks like a robbery happening right before their eyes.

Instead of calling the police, they do a bit of investigating and find out that the car parked a few meters away from the gas station is a getaway car and a robbery is indeed happening. James quickly pulls out the car keys from the car and Kane goes to check out if everyone’s okay inside of the store.

A couple of seconds later, the robber returns to the car to find his keys missing and a very persistent James chasing after him. After the robber finds his car useless, he gives up and runs off with James behind his tail.

In the end, it looks like the robber got away, but his car was left behind along with plates inside so it looks like only a matter of time before the miscreant is caught.

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As for these two Australians. Hats off to you two for your valiant efforts.

h/t- Gold Coast Bulletin