Have A Listen To This Lexus LFA As It Bounces Off Its Rev Limiter

Photo Credit: The Straight Pipe Guys via YouTube
Photo Credit: The Straight Pipe Guys via YouTube /

A video surfaced on Reddit of your standard Lexus LFA and its monstrous V-10 bouncing off the rev limiter as it warmed up and took a couple of enthusiastic laps around Flamborough Speedway in Ontario, Canada. 

If there’s one car that usually gets Toyota/Lexus fans all hot and bothered, it’ll have to be the Lexus LFA. With a gigantic V10 underneath the hood and exhaust gas sounds exiting via a tuned Yamaha exhaust, it’s no wonder that even the mere startup of a Lexus LFA will elicit smiles on passing enthusiasts. According to a recent video upload from The Straight Pipes off of their YouTube, this particular Lexus LFA in Ontario, Canada was more than happy to oblige the crowd with copious amounts of warm up revs and straightaway wide-open throttle blasts during a demo day. Crank up your computer speakers to eleven and have a listen for yourself.

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Powering this engineering tour-de-force is a 4.8-liter V-10 built in conjunction with Yamaha. The compact unit makes a whopping 553 HP and 354 lb-ft of torque with peak power well past 8,500 RPM.

The real voice of this V10 comes from its iconic titanium exhaust pipes that exit out the rear through three separators. When Yamaha collaborated with Lexus, they used the V10 as an acoustic design which used the engine as a sound generator. Yamaha developed components that directed all that lovely V10 noise directly to the driver.

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What results is arguably one of the best exhaust sounds among production super cars.