This 1993 Toyota Corolla 6×2 Ute Is Your Poor Man’s G63 AMG 6×6

Photo Credit: Via Craigslist
Photo Credit: Via Craigslist /

A Toyota Corolla modified a la backyard special with an extra set of wheels and a rear bed is currently for sale in Buckley, Washington. 

It’s cliche to say but where there’s a will in the aftermarket arena of car modifications, there’s a way. And this Toyota Corolla 6×2 definitely falls under that category. According to a Craigslist ad that surfaced on the local Seattle Washington ad section under cars for sale, there’s a 1993 Toyota Corolla tandem axle crew cab truck on the market at the bargain price of just $1,650. Check out the attached album with the full suite of photos that the seller posted.

"Corolla Wagon 6×6"

According to the seller,

"That’s right. This used to be a Toyota Corolla Wagon. It’s got an automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, cruise control and all the original running gear. It has 154K miles and still gets 30 MPG. This was an everyday driver but I finished the new one and don’t need this one any longer."

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The pictures paint a pretty clear picture of what this back yard mechanic did. It looks like he lopped the roof off of a perfectly normal Toyota Corolla wagon and added a bed in the rear. To compensate for the added weight you’d carry now that functionality has been increased, a separate rear axle from a donor vehicle runs tandem to the original rear axle.  The fabricator even added in two rear boxes integrated into the side bed for storage.

The fact that the seller points out that “I finished the new one…” leads us to believe that there are at least two of these in existence.

Unlike a true 6×6, this 6×2 is a obviously a little less complicated. With no power going to the four rear wheels, what they seem to provide is a bit of increased carrying capacity. With six wheels, weight is distributed that much more evenly amongst all tires making off-road excursions a faint possibility.

In all honesty, it’s quite the feat of hack engineering and we do applaud the owner for the aplomb put into making this 6×2 a reality.

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As for how useful this Corolla Ute actually is, it’s hard to tell. With a FWD chassis and a lethargic four cylinder engine pumping out just 117 lb-ft of torque paired to an automatic transmission, we wouldn’t use this as a serious hauler.