Tesla Drops Official Autopilot Video To Revolutionize Your Commute

PC: Tesla Motors via YouTube
PC: Tesla Motors via YouTube /

Tesla unveiled its own take on their Autopilot function with official video. 

Ever since Tesla released their OTA (over the air) update for their autopilot function, it seems the only press worth covering came from owners who filmed themselves taking Autopilot above and beyond what it was meant to do. That includes selfies with dogs driving their Tesla, sitting in the backseat with no one at the wheel, and more commonly, not using your hands with autopilot engaged.

Tesla went ahead and dropped a short video earlier Wednesday on how Autopilot should really be used and how it can make your morning commute just a bit more enjoyable. Check out that video below.

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First, Tesla highlighted their summon feature which allows a Tesla Model S (or soon X) to crawl into or out of a tight space (garage) without anyone at the wheel. Next, Tesla highlighted their autopilot on freeways showing us just how easy it is to engage autopilot as well as initiate a lane change. Finally, Tesla finishes off by showing its convenient parallel parking feature that allows a truly hands-off approach to parallel parking without you struggling to navigate an open spot yourself.

Elon Musk hinted at previously that the goal for autopilot is to allow a driver to input an address and allow your Tesla to navigate on its own from Point A to Point B with seemingly minimal drivers input. Musk set a goal of three years for that technology to be implemented.

Tesla’s autopilot future really is a game changer in how we can potentially handle our commute. Although this is but an early adaptation of the technology, Tesla has proven that this technology can be put into the hands of everyday drivers and the system can adapt to the regular flow of traffic.

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It isn’t out of the realm of possibility for other car manufacturers to implement this technology in most (if not all) of its fleet. It may take a few years, but a stress-free commute is definitely within our grasp.