How To Make A Girl Smile In 3 Seconds

PC: YouTube User Cyrus12321
PC: YouTube User Cyrus12321 /

Lone Star Pro-Am Fielding Shredder breaks it down for us how to make any girl smile in three seconds or less. 

If you’ve been trying to get a girl riding shotgun to smile by pulling the handbrake on your Dad’s 1998 BMW 325i in your highschool’s parking lot, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Thanks to a video from Lone Star ProAm drifter Fielding Shredder, he’s broken it down for you in 53 seconds. Check out his ride along video below and take notes fells. And get ready to start scouring your local Craigslist for a clean S14 shell.

According to Fielding, all you need to do is get yourself a Nissan 240SX, swap in a 2JZGTE from a donor Toyota Supra along with all the right supporting mods, get a legit tune from a trusted ECU tuner, slap in a roll cage, get hundreds of hours of seat time perfecting your drift line and you’re all set.

If you’ve ever attended any competitive drift event, it’s easy to see why a ridealong can elicit a smile in any passenger. Most of the competitors have clawed their way to the top with battle-scarred drift vehicles that have insane swaps usually boosted up to three times their stock rating.

With suspension setups meant to manage sustained controlled oversteer, drivers and passengers not only get a massive rush from the initial acceleration to get up to speed, but are thrown side to side in their bucket seats as they hit their apexes. A well-known side effect of this sport is a rush of adrenaline that leads to plenty of wide smiles from first-time passengers.

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As for Fielding Shredder, if you’re in the Texas region, keep your eye on this up and comer. Fielding just got his Pro 2 license and should be gunning for his Formula D license later this year.