Watch The Murder Nova Cruise Around On 275 Drag Radials

PC: Midwest Streetcars Auto via YouTube
PC: Midwest Streetcars Auto via YouTube /

The Murder Nova from Street Outlaws recently swapped on a new set of super-wide 275 Drag Radials at the rear. Here’s Shawn taking his drag car for the streets out for a cruise. 

It’s hard to believe you can use the term street car and 3,000 plus HP in the same sentence, but for Shawn Ellington’s Murder Nova, it’s the real deal. Earlier Thursday, Shawn from Midwest Streetcars uploaded a video of his Murder Nova taking a new set of drag radials out on the streets to break them in.

It’s pretty much just five or so minutes of him driving around, but Shawn does “give it the beans” a couple of times, laying down a thick strip of rubber in his wake. Check out that video below!

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Shawn may have changed some things around from his previous configuration, but as far as we know, Shawn’s still running a 572 Chevy Big Block underneath the hood with 88mm Precision turbos. With those turbos pumping out close to 42 psi and with a setup that uses 116 octane race fuel, this 1969 Chevy Nova can easily hit the low 4’s in the eighth-mile and very low 4’s if he swaps on  bigger rear tires. When Hot Rod Magazine featured his car back last year, this 572 was making upwards of 3,400 HP.

The fact that Shawn can “daily drive” (notice the quotes) this Nova is amazing. From what we can see, the Nova idles well, even at a stop light, and behaves like a proper drag car for the street should.

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If you want to keep up with all of Shawn’s shenanigans with this beast of a car, we suggest giving his official Facebook a follow.