Watch This Auto V6 Ford Mustang Wreck At A Local S. Carolina Car Meet

PC: Used with permission from @MarkSlowMaro via IG
PC: Used with permission from @MarkSlowMaro via IG /

It’s like a bad cliche but another Ford Mustang was caught on video attempting a burnout leaving a local car meet. By attempting, we mean that Mustang lost control and crashed into a ditch. 

It’s true but if you look up the keywords ‘Ford Mustang’, ‘Car meet,’ and ‘crash’ on YouTube (or any social media) you’re bound to come up with at least a dozen or so videos each month of an epic crash as the driver attempts a burnout leaving a car meet. And this local car meet in South Carolina unfortunately lived up to that cliche.

According to Skyler Tallman on Facebook earlier Sunday evening, a late model V6 automatic Ford Mustang was caught on video teetering on its side shortly after crashing off the street and into a steep embankment. The whole incident was caught on video and posted up on Instagram for everyone to see. Check out that video below.

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Upon closer inspection of the exit to this Staples (where the meet was held) it’s hard to make out, but there’s a sharp drop-off from the street. After a bit of lift-off oversteer into a grassy knoll, the Mustang tries its best to drive back onto the street under its own traction. In the video, you can make out the whole chassis of the Ford Mustang stuck on the embankment as the whole front weight of his engine and the rear wheel drive setup left the Ford Mustang balanced perfectly on its frame. With the rear wheels left spinning in the air, the owner was pretty much stuck.

Although most of the blame lies with that driver, if you read the meet description it says,

"All cars are welcome, come out to show off, hang out, and enjoy the company of other car enthusiasts."

We’ve highlighted and underlined the mistake.

Proper unspoken car meet etiquette is to leave the shenanigans at home. If you’re going to do some hooning, to not do it where you can put someone else’s safety at risk (i.e. crowds of people watching.)

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Nine times out of ten, most people will heed that rule but it takes just one car to ruin the fun. This Ford Mustang owner learned that the hard way. You’ll be happy to know that this Mustang drove out under its own power.