Can 8 Rugby Players Actually Stop This Red Bull F1 Car?

Photo Credit: Red Bull Racing
Photo Credit: Red Bull Racing /

Friction is everything and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got 800 HP under your power, if you can’t put the power down, a rugby scrum can push you back. 

Rugby players are some of the toughest athletes on planet earth, but surely your typical rugby scrum can’t out push a real-deal Formula F1 car. According to Red Bull Racing and their latest viral video, it looks like 8 of the best Rugby players can put down enough power to overpower an F1 car, and at times push it back. But is this really feasible? Check out the awesome video below and get ready cheer on these modern day titans.

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Rugby might be a sport unknown to most Americans but if you can imagine those football sleds used in practice in American Football, you already understand the setup here. Instead of nothing on the other side of that sled, Red Bull Racing brought out their 800 HP F1 car with Daniel Ricciardo in the driver’s seat. From a dead standstill, the rear tires of the F1 car sought for grip while the 8-rugby players dug in their cleats in a scrum of epic proportions.

When you think of the physics involved, those 8-rugby players could’ve easily smashed that F1 car to pieces. Although F1 engines produce massive amounts of torque and power thanks to face-ripping acceleration. With spinning back tires, none of that power is redirected to the sled. On the other side of the sled you’ve got 8 pairs of studded cleats clawing into the ground. Plus, with the F1 car weighing about 1,500 pounds, it was no contest for these rugby players.

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Physics teachers, if you want a real-life physics problem with coefficients of friction playing out right in front of your students, this would be a great example.